Dogbreath 33- Now Available

Cover by Pye Parr

Dogbreath comes knocking with a warrant for you. Discover why the world of the Strontium Dog has earned a place as one of the top strips in 2000 AD!

This issue is packed to the brim with top-quality thrills including:


Durham Red- Blood Debt by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist Hector Cervantes.


Strontium Dog- Bull Shot by writer Alan Holloway and artist Andy Lambert



Strontium Dog-Choice by writer Kehaar and art tornado David Broughton.



Strontium Dog-Kill Bonus by writer Steven Denton and artist Dave Peloe



Strontium Dog-Mission To Mars by writer Richmond Clements  and artist Alex Paterson


Strontium Dogs- Spud Murphy- Top Dog by writer Mark Keenan and artist Scott Twells

The ongoing Case Files this issue feature reviews of The No-Go job and opening section of The Final Solution by writer Leigh Shepherd

As always- available from The FQP site

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