FutureQuake 2017- Now available


Cover art by:        Romain Brun (colour by Julien Brun)

FutureQuake is back to brighten the boring, Inspire the indolent and render the jaded jubilant! Within the 100 page issue witness 18 possible futures including the latest instalment of the astounding epic, Idea Space.

100 pages for the incredible price of £6.50

Strips this issue:

A Hundred Hurts Written by Christian Gilbert Art & Letters by Gustaffo Vargas.

Art by Gusaffo Vargas

A Week Written by Alexi Conman Art by Sketchy Magpie Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Sketchy Magpie

Action & Consequence Written by Alexi Conman Art by Scott Twells Colour by Owen Watts Letters by Bolt-01

Art By Scott Twells & Owen Watts

Conservationists Written by David Tallerman Art by Anthony Summey Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Anthony Summey


Flawed Design Written by Veronica Tomasiello Art by Alex Paterson Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Alex Paterson

From Tiny Acorns Written by Alexi Conman Art by Richard Waugh Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Richard Waugh

Idea Space: All Good Things Written by JJ Robinson Art by Darren Stephens Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Darren Stephens

Jamie Evolutionary Written by Jeff Bowles Art by Romain Brun Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Romain Brun

Jungalow Written by Dick Jillings Art & Letters by Fran Strukan

Art by Fran Strukan

Kron Written by Chris Tresson Art by Nico Assirelli Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Nico Assirelli

Late Stage Detection Written by Josef Cuddy Art by Łukasz Kowalczuk Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Łukasz Kowalczuk

London Rocks Written by Tim West Art by Rafael Romeo Magat Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Rafael Romeo Magat

Nuclear Family Written by Danny Nolan Art & Letters by Dave Dye

Art by Dave Dye

Painful Truths Written by Dominic Teague Art & Letters by Anthony O’Donnell

Art by Anthony O’Donnell


Shards Written by Dave Wednesday Art by RH Stewart Letters by Bolt-01

Art by RH Stewart


Stick Up Written by ‘Fred Jenks’ Art by Rui Mendes Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Rui Mendes

Teething Written by Katie Cunningham Art by Boy Phaff Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Boy Phaff


Turing’s Prisoner Written by Alexi Conman Art & Letters by Bolt-01 Greytones by Barry Renshaw

Art by Bolt-01 & Barry Renhaw

As always, available through the FQP Webshop!

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