ZArjaz 28: Now available!

Art by Tiernen Trevallion

Cover artist Tiernen Trevallion delivers the stunning cover to the latest issue of Zarjaz. Fiends of the Eastern Front takes the lead slot this issue, ably supported by Judge Dredd and the A.B.C. Warriors. Join us as we bring you another selection of Tales from Thargs’ toy box.

48 pages for the astounding price of £3.00

Strips this issue:

ABC Warriors- The Ballad of Tubal Cain. Written by Lee Robson. Art & Letters by James Newell.


Lee has written of the strip on his blog.

Fiends of the Eatern Front- City of the living dead. Written by Alec Robertson. Art by Steven Denton. Letters by Bolt-01



Judge Dredd- Backup Plan. Written by David Griffiths. Art & Letters by David Broughton.



Judge Dredd- Ginger Nuts. Written by Adam Breen. Art by JP Vilchis. Letters by Bolt-01



Judge Dredd- My Brothers Reaper. Written by Mark Howard. Art by Jim Lavery. Letters by Bolt-01



Available now from The FQP Shop!



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