FutureQuake 11 & Something Wicked 03- Now on comiXology

Art by Neil Pettitt

FutureQuake 11 contains:

  • Collectors Piece (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Tim Twelves
  • Dulce et Decorum Est (writer) Paul Glasswell, (art) Neil Roberts
  • Field Trip (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Chris Fenoglio
  • Imaginary Friends (writer) Dan the Emperor, (art) Neil Pettitt
  • Infinity Battle (writer) Chris Stiefvater Thomas, (art & letters) Panos Kamoulakos
  • Last Squad (writer) Rob Spalding, (art) Brett Buckle
  • Lazarus Falls (writer) Kevin McHugh, (art & letters) Caroline Parkinson
  • Rank and File (writer) Mike Moreci, (art & letters) Keith Burns
  • Spare Parts (writer & letters) Dave Hailwood , (art) Tony Suleri
  • Superhero Shorts- The Audition (writer) Mark Smith, (art) Owen Watts
  • Waste of Time (writer & letters) Dave Hailwood , (art) Tony Suleri
Art By Dave Kendall

Something Wicked 03 contains:

  • The Beast Within Writer: Mark Woodland Art: Bolt-01
  • Shouldn’t Have Asked Writer: Nick Andreychuck Art: Chris Fenoglio
  • The Twist Writer: Robert Murphy Art: Paul Carter
  • Withdrawal Writer: Scott Clements Art: James Feist
  • War Diaries Writer: Terry Stock Art: Charles Paul Wilson & Steve Talaba
  • The Hidden monster Writer: Ben Womack Art: Vicky Stonebridge
  • Dead Air Writer: Alec Worley Art: Lonny Chant
  • The Confronter Writer: Kieran Murphy Art: James Fletcher
  • Zombigeddon Writer: Dave Roberts Art: Dan Kennedy

Both issues available along with many others from the FQP comiXology page.

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