FutureQuake 09 & 10- Now on comiXology

Art by Ed Traquino

FutureQuake 09 contains strip work by:

Christopher Thomas & Andrew White

Robert Spalding & Brett Buckle

Alec Worley & Brian Janchez

Lee Robson & Bryan Coyle

Eddie Robson & Chris Geary

Phil Rigby & Ed Traquino

The Emperor & George Coleman

Dave Roberts & James Feist

Daniel Whiston & Johnny McMonagle

Dave Roberts & Owen Watts

Kevin McHugh & Peter Anckorn.

Art By Adrian Bamforth

FutureQuake 10 contains strip work by:

David Tellerman & Adrian Bamforth

Derek Hamill & Andy Scordellis

Dave Roberts & Bolt-01

Paul Scott & Chris Geary

Daniel Whiston & James Kircough

Alex Wilson & Shaun Gardiner

Greame Cluskey & Simon Penter

Paul Glasswell & Simon Penter

Kevin McHugh & Tim Rees

Dave Hailwood & Tony Suleri

Both issues available along with many other from the FQP comiXology page.

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