Thought Bubble 2016


Thought Bubble really is the best comic con in the country in my opinion.


This year we were lucky enough to be table neighbours with the Psychedelic Journal, Killing Moon, Neil McClements and our very own Gingerdan who spent the weekend working on a series of increasingly superb commissions.


Thanks to all who stopped by, bought comics and chatted. We had a spot near the front of the New Dock this year and there was a lot of passing trade.

The most common discussion point this weekend was ‘When are you opening for scripts again?’ and the simple answer is ‘Not sure, but soon.’ There is a much longer, involved answer using spreadsheets and stuff, but you don’t need me to start on that.



Another awesome (and believe me, this is not just being used as hyperbole) event last weekend was the showing of the Strontium Dog fan film: ‘Search & Destroy’ at the Everyman cinema in Leeds. A huge congratulations to all involved in making this happen, and for inviting us along to the screening.

The version shown wasn’t quite finished, but having John Wagner himself approve of the film in its current state is a sure sign that the film is heading the right way.


Martin Currie, also known as ‘The Raygun Consultant’ recorded a podcast at the gig, and asked me to take part. The podcast is a lot of fun and if you want to take a listen it is available here. I’m speaking between 09.28 and 11.10 but the whole recording is a lot of fun. Martin also took this rather superb pic of me and the kids. I don’t normally post pics like this, but this is a great shot.



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