Something wicked 2016

Art By RH Stewart

Can you feel it? The season has changed, the nights are drawing closer and there is a chill in the air. Time to hunker down and read the latest collection of tales from Something Wicked. In the latest 100 page issue we have Demons, Hauntings, posessions, a race for the presidency and at least one psychotic home appliance.

All this is wrapped in a cover by RH Stewart. All for only £6.50– Trade paperback format.


Strips this issue:

All You Zombies. Written Kirill Chernov. Art & Letters by Barry Renshaw.

Art By Barry Renshaw


Betrayal. Written Marcello Bondi. Art by Marco Renna. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Marco Renna


Bloody Mother. Written Scott Melrose. Art by Denis Vermesse. Letters by Ken Reynolds

Art by Denis Vermesse


Chivalry Isn’t Dead… Written Chris Tresson. Art by Joe Palmer. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Joe Palmer


Creator. Written Matt Finney. Art by Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Scott Twells

Desert Odyssey. Written Marcello Bondi. Art by Martina Marzullo. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Martina Marzullo


Jormungandr. Written Karl Brandt. Art by Damian Johnston. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Damian Johnston


LeadRole. Written Alec Charles. Art & Letters by Barry Renshaw.– bah- update.


Mischief. Written Emmet Kiernan. Art by Mattia Marini. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Mattia Marini


Orders. By Damian Johnston

Art by Damian Johnston


Physician, Heal Thyself. Written Patrick Scattergood. Art by Rui Mendes. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Rui Mendes


Plug. Written David McCluskey. Art by Pavlos Pavlides. Letters by Valia Kapaldi

Art by Pavlos Pavlides


Serial Comic. Written Virgil Yendell. Art by RH Stewart. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by RH Stewart


The God Squad. Written David Thomas. Art by P. L. Woods. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by PL Woods


The Half Baked Sacrifice. Written Nick Bryan. Art by Łukasz Kowalczuk. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Lukasz Kowalczuk

The Last Neanderthal. Written Dan McKee. Art by Rui Mendes. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Rui Mendes


The Thinking Dead. Written Russell Hillman. Art & Letters by Glyn White.

Art by Glyn White


Twenty Seven. Written George Pickett. Art by Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Scott Twells


Visio. Written Steven Fraser. Art by George Coleman. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by George Coleman


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