FutureQuake 2016- Winter

Art by Ech!

FutureQuake 2016-Winter. Time to brace yourself as once again, FQP bring you the finest collection of stories available. This issue we explore the problems of time travel, run for the presidency, swap our brain into a robot body and in the continuing saga of Idea Space we take a pause to focus on Alan Chance. All this wrapped in a cover by ECH.

96 pages for £6.50. Trade paperback format.


Bad Timed Time Travelling. Written by Mario Fernandez. Art by Rafael Chrestani. Letters by Bolt-01.

Art By Rafael Chrestani


Be Careful What You Wish For. Written by Alexander Altman. Art by Fran Strukan. Letters by Cristian Docolomansky

Art By Fran Strukan


Erased. Written by Matthew Comer. Art by Adam Caudill. Letters by Bolt-01

Art By Adam Caudill


Escapism. Written by Ethan Burns. Art by Carlos Angeli. Letters by Bolt-01

Art By Carlos Angeli


Escort Duty. Written by Matthew Allen. Art by Dan Goodfellow. Letters by Bolt-01

Art By Dan Goodfellow


First Contact. Written by Lee Robson. Art & Letters by Bryan Coyle

Art By Bryan Coyle


Horror House Of Death. Written by Lawrence Conquest. Art by Nathan Webb. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Nathan Webb


Idea Space- The Ynyslas Olympics. Written by JJ Robinson. Art by Darren Stephens. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Darren Stephens


King Of The Hill. Written by Dave Tomas. Art & letters by Ech.

Art By Ech!


Mr Byrd   Written by Andre Mateus. Art by Denis Vermesse. Letters by Ken Reynolds

Art by Denis Vermesse


Obsession. Written by Marcello Bondi. Art by Martina Marzullo. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Martina Marzullo


Part Exchange. Written by Matthew Allen. Art by Ech. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Ech!


Pearls Before Swine. Written by Kevin Bovy. Art by Norrie Millar. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Norrie Millar


The Hangover. Written by Jeff Bowles. Art by Andrew Hartmann. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Andrew Hartmann


The Rules Of Time Travel. Written by Chris Nicholson. Art by Matt Sandbrook. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Matt Sandbrook


The Tale Of The Lover. Written by Dan Whiston. Art by Jaye Franklin. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Jaye Franklin


Time To Let Go. Written by Inderjit Bhullar. Art & letters by Gustavo Vargas

Art by Gustavo Vargas


Virtual Voyeurism. Written by Rob Jones. Art by Aidan Gilman. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Aidan Gilman


Waiting. Written by Adam Breen. Art by Scott Twells. Letters by Bolt-01

Art by Scott Twells


Who’s The President. Written by Carlos Pozo. Art & Letters by Edward Whatley.

Art by Edward Whatley

Only £6.50 From www.futurequake.co.uk


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