Review: FutureQuake 2016- Summer

Thanks to writer Chris Tresson for the heads-up on this.

Art by Alex Paterson

ComicBastards review by Dustin Cabeal. Thanks for the honest review.

Have you read it? Yeah?

Lettering. I’m pretty good at lettering. I’m not saying I’m brilliant, because I know full well there are loads of things I just don’t know enough about. However, I’m better than most.

For me, having a lettering style that is consistent throughout the book is a good thing. After all this is a FQP book. Almost all the strips we present have been through editorial many times before the artwork is delivered to try and get the ‘best’ version of the strip out there. So having a consistent lettering approach aids with the branding of the comic.

Also- I’m a picky ‘so and so’ when it comes to lettering and I don’t have any issues telling artists that their work is not good enough.

So, here’s a question- should FQP use multiple letterers? Would the experience of reading a FQP title (and please bear in mind that these books are now up to 100 pages in some cases) be improved by  having a wider variety of lettering styles?

please, let me know.



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