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Running from March 1st till April 30th, you can win yourself your very own ‘Strontium Dog’ badge courtesy of those awesome folk over at Planet Replicas. We have gotten our hands on one badge, and all you need to do to have a chance of winning it is to simply buy Dogbreath or Zarjaz comics.

It really is that simple. Every sale between March 1st and April 30th will receive a raffle ticket for each comic they buy. Then, on May 1st either Dr Bob or Peeps the droid will make the draw and one lucky customer will win the badge.

The more you buy, the more raffle tickets you will get. Worried about buying from overseas? Don’t be. If you win, and don’t mind paying the postage, then there is no reason not to enter.

The badge is truly stunning and is exactly the same as the badges worn in the Search & Destroy fan film currently in production.

Visit the FQP Shop for the full range of Comics available, and good luck!

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