Zarjaz 25 Review Fest!

Now that the new issues are all out in the wild, I’ll be rolling any reviews I see up into this post.

Of course, I may not see everything, so if anyone out there in blog land spots a review or a mention I’ve not posted, let me know.

First off is the content of an email from contributor Simon Bennett Hayes:

Hi Dave, I hope you had  a successful Thought Bubble. I saw the pic on the FP Blog. Very good!

I just wanted to compliment you (and all the creatives obviously), on the last Zarjaz.
Great issue with no duff stories, and 2 outstanding stories that really showed the Big Meg in all it’s distopian glory:The Epiphany of Treasure Highland and the story of JJohn Pepps.”

Thanks for getting in touch Simon, and for those out there who missed the pic- here it is:
Picture harvested from: The FPBlog photo by Richard Bruton

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