FutureQuake #28- 02 days to go!

To herald the launch of the next wave of comics from FQP, we will be updating the blog each day with a look at one of the strips.

Today we look at Revolution 1010, which will be appearing in FutureQuake #28 and is the cover strip for the issue

Art By Steve Austin– click to view larger version.

Mike Yeoman (Writer: Revolution 1010) is a writer with credits on BBC’s Newsjack, FutureQuake and Newsrevue, London. Additional writing credits and blog can be seen at www.flipyou.co.uk. Follow @flipyou_co_uk

Steve Austin (Art: Revolution 1010, Cover) has drawn for various small press publications including Zarjaz, Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, FutureQuake and the Gaelic language publication Ruaille Buaille and strives to one day draw for the greatest comic in the galaxy, 2000 AD.

As this is the cover strip, I can’t resist giving another airing to this little beauty.

Art By Steve Austin & Darren Stevens– click to view a larger version.

Join us in two days time as we launch the new issues of FutureQuake and something Wicked.

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