Presenting: Mattia Marini

Mattia Marini is a new artist to the pages of FQP, and is the artist on the ‘Wanted’ strip scheduled to appear in FutureQuake.

Mattia Marini (Art: Wanted) Born in Venice in 1992, in 2011 he graduated from Artistic Highschool in Venice. Ranked in the top 8 position in the national contest “Liscapaz” in 2010. Currently is studying incision at the Art Academy of Venice.

Mattia has mainly worked for writer Marcello Bondi, and it was Marcello that sent us the following pages. We declined to present this strip in print, but we feel the artwork os so strong that the pages deserve to be seen.

Presenting- Hobo:

We at FQP are sure you will all agree that Mattia is a talent and once his work begins to appear in the pages of FQP you will see why.

Thanks to Marcello & Mattia for agreeing to let us present these pages.

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