In Review: Wolf Country 04

Art By Luke Cooper- Click to see larger.

Wolf Country 04 by Jim Alexander & Will Pickering (letters by Jim Campbell)

Wolf Country 03 review.

I’m getting closer to actually reviewing things when it is relevant, which is good for me as it means I’m getting to read some flippin’ good comics. I’ve said plenty of nice things about Planet Jimbot in the past, and this time is no different. The main plot of the book is carried on, as Settlement is under attack by a big ol’ force of Werewolves and the special forces lads step up to deal with things.

Art by Will Pickering- click to see larger.

Meanwhile in the city, Halfpenny, the leader of settlement has got his hands full in a street brawl that made me think of Deadwood (Where Dan takes on Herst’s man- yeah?) and the gore factor is as high as that might lead you to think.

For the new reader there is now a ‘previously’ box in the inside cover, so now there is almost no excuse not to get stuck in.

In fact, over at the Planet Jimbot store on ETSY, they are doing a combo pack of all four issues for a tenner. That is solid value and highly recommended.

Really looking forward to the next issue.

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