FQP & Comixology

Exciting news, readers!

We are trying out for Comixology

So far FutureQuake #27 has been submitted, and hopefully will be appearing on screens all over the globe in the next few months.

However, this marks a change in how we do things here at FQP. Historically we have only ever commissioned a strip on a ‘first-run’ basis. This has allowed the creators to go off and place the strip elsewhere (like Apocalypse Now or Never or Projections) if they were able.

What is changing is we are going to be asking all new commissions moving forward if they are happy for FQP to include their strip as part of a Comixology submission. That is because according to the guidelines:

“You must own the copyright or have the necessary rights for any content you upload.”

Taken from: https://submit.comixology.com/site/guidelines

We are also going to be working through the back catalogue of issues (assuming we get accepted at all) and the plan is eventually to make the entire runs of both FutureQuake and Something Wicked available.

Exciting news indeed!


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