INCOMING! Barry’s Nose

Art by Scott Twells.

Coming later this year to the pages of FutureQuakeBarry’s Nose is by Rory McConville and Scott Twells

Rory McConville has previously written for publishers including DC Comics, The O’Brien Press and Foras na Gaeilge. See more of his comics at This is Rory’s third strip for FQP, following on from ‘To the Extreme’ in something Wicked #04 and ‘Discipline’ in FutureQuake #13.

Scott Twells is the comics underground best kept secret, as in almost no one knows of his existence. Let’s just keep it that way a while,huh? This is Scott’s fourth work for FQP, and he is currently to be found illustrating ‘TEN’ on the back cover of FQ#27.

Barry’s nose is currently scheduled for FutureQuake #28- on sale November.

The Daily Zarjaz- Rogue Trooper- Infested!


Episode 01- click to see larger version.

Join us for the next 12 days as Lee Robson and Paul Moore present Rogue Trooper- Infested!

Lee is the writer/co-creator of the critically acclaimed OGN Babble. His work has also appeared in FutureQuake, Something Wicked and the Accent UK series of themed anthologies. Find his blog at

Paul lives in Paisley and has been working on as yet undisclosed submission projects with writer Steve Orlando (writer of Undertow and The Midnighter) along with writer Kevin Gunstone (writer of Future Primitive at Markosia) and another with Writer Cy Dethan (Starship Troopers at Markosia) and artists Stephen Downey (Turok at Boom studios) and Conor Boyle. He’s on twitter as @pmoore121, and posts art on and

Don’t forget to order your copy of Zarjaz for more top class hyper-thrills!

INCOMING! Strontium Dog- Tremor Wings!

Art by Barry Renshaw- Click to view larger image

Coming soon to the pages of DogbreathStrontium Dog- Tremor Wings by writer Jim Alexander and artist Barry Renshaw.

Jim Alexander (Writer: Tremor wings) Wanted for the crime of co-creating Calhab Justice, which was good fun to start out with until the writer decided to climb up his rear passage. Subsequent literary misdemeanours include Wolf Country, Metal Hurlant and GoodCopBadCop.

Barry Renshaw (Art: Tremor wings) Wanted for crimes against vermicious wangdoodles and facial hair. Alias include Engine Comics. Reward: Three tons of grateful hornswagglers. Last seen in vacinity of

Many thanks to John Freeman for the reposting of this on the excellent Down the tubes!

INCOMING! Murder in Apt 104

Art By Matt Herbert- Click to view larger

MURDER IN APT 104 is by writer Josh Spiller and artist Matt Herbert.

Josh Spiller (Writer: Murder in Apt 104) Lives in London. Published writer of comics, short stories, and scripts. For anyone interested in a collaboration, especially artists and editors, you can contact him at: 

Matthew Herbert (Art: Murder in Apt 104) done the pitchers for Solar Wind, Omnivistascope, Zarjaz, Dr WTF and lots of other things that needed drawings for the words in them.

MURDER IN APT 104 will be in FutureQuake #27- on sale soon!