Neroy Sphinx- Back in the game MEGA-POST

As usual with things like this I want to have some place where I can store all the various little bits we get in regarding the Sphinx collection.

First up is this amazing post from Johnny McMonagle after his discovery of the pencils for the original first episode!

Next is a review by Win Wiacek at the ‘Now Read This’ Blog. In my opinion this gets top marks for bombast and should be read aloud to achieve the right style! Thanks folks!

Over on Bleeding Cool, Olly Macnamee posts his review of the book, and possibly falls foul of the spellchecker…

We’ve also been promoted over on Irish Comic News. Thanks to David Ferguson for the post and to Johnny McMonagle for bringing it to our attention!

If any of you out there visit Bath, make sure you drop into The Oldfield Park Bookshop as there is a rather familiar looking title available on their shelves

Thanks to the ever resourceful Dan Whiston for making this happen.

Also in Bath- American Dream Comics are stocking copies of the book, 

Don’t it look great on the shelf?

Next up we have a review by Steve Hargett, a prolific reviewer and sometime contributor to Dogbreath. Thanks for the kind words, Steve

Over at The Arcade, the reviewer passes on an amusing comment, That ‘The set-up is pleasingly reminiscent of the Karma Sutra‘!

Thanks to Jack Dempsey over at the Arcade for the review!

Over at Geek Syndicate– Neroy makes an appearance in the “Elevator Pitch” slot, while at the legendary Starburst, Neroy gets a full review courtesy of Andrew Marshall.


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