FQP at 10! The Birmingham comic Festival!

This weekend we hit the road for the first gig of 2015! The Comic Festival hits Birminghams Edgbaston Cricket ground for a full day of nerdery and comics.

FQP are proud to be at this event and hope it is only the first of many.

Launching at the gig is NEROY SPHINX- Back in the Game, (as mentioned a few times recently) alongside all the latest and greatest from FQP!

Also attending will be writer Dan Whiston- so you will be able to get your copy of the book signed by the author!

FutureQuake 26, cover by Matt Soffe.

Something Wicked 10, cover by Jon Taylor

Don’t forget that a full range of back issues is carried at gigs and all sales over £10 get to choose from the sketches of Bolt-01.

Also available and of note is BLOODFELLAS. Written By Jasper Bark, with art by Mick Trimble and Aljosa Tomic and lettered by Bolt-01. Visit Armand Rosamilia for a guest post by Jasper regarding this new work.

Join us tomorrow for a fantastic day out!


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