FQP Recommends- CROSS

Let’s get something out of the way- I’m not big on Kickstarting stuff. I’d much prefer to see this set up as a normal title where the publisher puts it all in up front. However I’m not in charge of this but I am friends with the folks that are.
The link above will get you to the relevant KS page, and there is a lot more info there on the first rate creators involved.
2000 AD fans will be interested to know that Rob Williams, PJ Holden, David Baillie and Alwyn Talbot are among the creators who have contributed writing and artwork, and Matt Soffe has provided some promo work as well. That’s without putting out that the whole shebang is the brainchild of two of our own- Conor Boyle and his wife Lizzie, both long time contributors to FQP titles.