In Review: Longship.

Longship by Lawrence Rider and Rebecca Teall, published by Timebomb comics.

Lawrence Rider wrote Consumer Channel X for FQ25, a tale of excess, morbidity and bizarre logic. So what should I make of a book called Longship?

Well, the simple answer is do not come to this with any preconceptions. I’m really trying to find words to say what this book is about without actually telling you anything spoilery; which is how I came to the book.

The plot (such as I can say) involves a Longship- Viking style and the story of how it was built and where it came to be. That’s about all I can say without spoilers.

The script by Lawrence is paced wonderfully. This book runs to 49 pages of strip and Lawrence uses that space to capture mood, time and for me a lovely moment of realisation. The art (and lettering) by Rebecca Teall is beautifully suited to the style of the story and her storytelling and sense of pace is used to great effect in the ‘quiet’ moments of the book.

A preliminary illustration by Rebecca…

My final thoughts? I wish that everyone who wants to read this book does so without flicking through the pages. The more of this tale you are unaware of, the more of a delight it will be.

Thanks to Lawrence for sending me a copy of the digital edition to read.

I picked up a copy of the book at ICE2014 and the presentation of the book is as good as I wanted it to be. A welcome addition to the increasingly rare physical comics collection I have.

… and the final version of the same.

Facebook page here.

The softback is available to order through the Time Bomb website (£7.99 + £3 postage to UK addresses) and they have a handful of the signed, limited edition hardbacks left. The latter are £18 inc postage but also include a free exclusive print – anyone wanting those should contact to confirm availability.

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