FutureQuake 25

FutureQuake 25

Cover by Conor Boyle (who has already blogged about the creation)

 Cover by Bruno Stahl

The Finest Small press anthology reaches issue 25 in fine style with two covers! Inside the whopping 52 pages we present 12 tales featuring contributions from the finest writers and artists the Small press has to offer. The time has come to discover why FutureQuake has been consistently nominated for best British Black & White Comic at both the Eagle and the True Believers awards.

Only £4.00 for 52 pages- you don’t get better value than that!


Call of Duty by writer Chris Redfern and artist David Clifford

Consumer Channel X by writer Lawrence Rider and artist Patrick Brown

I Don’t Like Monday Quests by writer David Griffiths and artist Jim Lavery

Junk Box by writer Jimmy Furlong and artist Brian ‘Clank’ Bennett

Out of the Closet by writer Dave Roberts and artist Danos Philopoulos

Packaged Holiday by writer Andi Ewington and artist Conor Boyle

Pleiatoc Monaidies by writer Tom Davies and artist Leonardo Vergari

Synched by writer Mo Ali and artist Indio

The Final Terminal by writer Arran Frood and artist Steven Austin

The Grimaldi by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson

The Idiot Box by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Stephen Prestwood

The Travelling Salesman by writer Tim West and artist Matthew Harrower

From The FQP Webshop

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