Zarjaz 20

Behind the cover by Mick Cassidy, more about which can be found On His Blog!

Peeps the droid brings more thrills lifted directly from the cortex of The Mighty One Himself.
This issue we present:

A.B.C. Warriors- Mongrol Handfuls of Smush, 7 pages by writer Mark Hobby and artist James Newell.

BAD Company- From Mud To Murder, 6 pages by writer Shaun Avery and artist David Broughton.

DownlodeTales- Sewer Side, 7 pages by writer Tom Proudfoot and artist George Coleman.

Judge Dredd- Dead Soldiers, 6 pages by writer Karl Stock and artist Tom Bonin.

M.A.C.H. 1-MachOfLies, 10 pages by writer Mark Howard and artist Matt Herbert.

Tales of Mega-City 1-Meg-Way Blues, 4 pages by writer Umar Ditta and artist Nathan Webb.

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it! From the link on the right

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