Coming soon- Strontium Dog- The Healers Hotel

See that guy on the right? The one with the extra arms? That is Brother March, and he runs a ‘retreat’ for wealthy folks to rest and relax away from the stresses of the future…

So what the sneck is Johnny alpha doing there? He’s wondering that too. Find out in THE HEALERS HOTEL by Shaun Avery and Tom Creilly, coming soon to Dogbreath.

In Review- Good cop, Bad cop.

Jim Alexander is a busy lad. Which is probably a good thing. You see, ‘this’ particular piece of work more than anything else I’ve read of Jim’s reeks of ‘high concept’. And I really like it.

I have to admit from the off that I’d not seen hide nor hair of this before Jim sent me a copy for review, but I know after reading this that I’ll be making sure i get the next stories as and when they rear their nasty little heads.

Okay, the facts. Written By Jim Alexander, drawn by Luke Cooper, Garry McLaughlin and Will Pickering. The cover above is by the stupidly talented Alex Ronald and the collection even has a foreword by John Wagner. The book is available for a mere £7.99 from Rough Cut! and in this reviewers humble opinion is worth every penny.

Jim is a solid writer, guiding us through the tales in the book and while some of the art may be not to my taste I cannot fault the quality of the storytelling on show.

Really recommended.