Available now- DROKK
Every now and then we at Zarjaz are pitched a story we can’t really do in Zarjaz proper, for many, many reasons. This is a collection of stories that either could not, or should not exist. It is also one of the finest issues we have ever compiled. Warning-
This comic may hurt you:

Judge Death- Personal Business. 5 pages by writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Roland Bird           

Kingdom. 3 pages by writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Roland Bird.

M.A.C.H. 3- Conflagration. 3 pages by writer Derek Hamill and artist John Hutcheson     

Mechanismo. 12 pages by writer Derek Hamill and artist Mike Bunt 

Robo-Hunter- Slade B.C.P.D. 8 pages by writer Dirk Van Dom and artist Mike Bunt

Rogue Trooper- I Am Mad But North North West. 5 pages by writer Dan Hill and artist David Broughton     

Savage/Zenith. 6 pages by writer Chris Denton and artist Dave Frankum

Add to this a superb look at the creation of the book’s cover and this would be superb value if we demanded double for it, however you can get it for only £3.00 in print and in a first- we are selling a digital download of this issue for only £2.00 via the comicsy link on the right. We really are too good to you…

Zarjaz 19

Available now- Zarjaz 19
Behind the cover by Simon Fraser, Peeps the droid brings more thrills lifted from the thought processes of the Mighty One Himself.

This issue we present:

A.B.C. Warriors- Hammerstein: It’s All In The Programming 7 pages by writer Steven Denton and artist Crow.             

Balls Bros: Big in the 90’s. 5 pages by writer David Withers and artist Jerome Canty.       

Judge Dredd: Collectors Market. 5 pages by writer Lee Robson and artist Stephen Downey 

Tales of Mega-City One: A Hanging Door 5 pages by writer Shaun Avery and artist Nathan Webb  

Tales of Mega-City One: Baby Jays: Destiny’s Plaza. 18 pages by writers Alistair Maclean & Richard Swabey and artist David Broughton    

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it, but you can get it from the click on the right.

Something Wicked 09

Available now- Something Wicked 09
Just when you thought it was safe to visit the shop- here comes this year’s edition of SOMETHING WICKED! 
Behind the cover by Brett Buckle we present 12 strips filled with that much horror, something has to spill out somewhere. Caution is recommended as you read this issue.  A Massive 52 pages for only £4.00

Beyond the Hall of the Auroch. 5 pages by writer Michael DeShane and artist Onofrio Cirillo

Beyond. 2 pages by writer Mike Lynch and artist  Matthew Harrower

Bound. 5 pages by writer Paul Penna and artist David Blankley

Cat Nap. 2 pages by writer Lawrence Conquest and artist James Feist

Last Train to Vienna. 2 pages by writers Chris Walker and Eric Jackson and artist Leigh Kuilboer

Maybe He Made it. 5 pages by writer Michael DeShane and artist Roland Bird

Of Wolf And Man. 4 pages by writer Dave Roberts and artist Astrom Chang

Saint’s Tears. 5 pages by writer Alec Charles and artist Sam Weller

Shambling Towards Bethlehem. 5 pages by writer Sam Verrall and artist Pavlos Pavlidis with lettering by Valia Kapaldi.

Siren Song. 6 pages by writer Alistair Robb and artist Stephen Prestwood

Snapper & Drilby. 4 pages by writer Tim West and artist BMB

The Good Behaviour Act. 5 pages by writer David McCluskey and artist Andrew Morrice

Available from the link on the right.

FutureQuake 24

FutureQuake hits issue 24. Find out why this is one of the best kept secrets in British comics. Behind the amazing cover by Mauro Lirussi we have 11 strips to entertain and astound you.

This issue we present:

Deconstructing Alex. 5 pages by writer Raz Greenberg and artist Darren Mullen   
Knock Knock. 5 pages by writers BJ Fox, Chris Godfree and artist Johnny Hoang               

Power & the Glory. 5 pages by writer Lee Robson and artist Jim Lavery              

Second Chance. 5 pages by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson             

Singles Night. 5 pages by writer Tony McVeigh and artist Jaye Franklin            

The Man with 268 bodies. 5 pages by writer Dan Haycock and artist Andrew Hartmann  

The Sounds Unnatural. 9 pages by writer Adkins P Jones and artist Bruno Stahl               

Think I’m Paradroid. 3 pages by writer Mark Hobby and artist Tim Cassford.

Truth Justice & the American Way. 1 page by writer BJ Fox  and artist Johnny Hoang      

Valour And Mettle. 5 pages by writer Michael Consoli and artist Peter Woods 

Write Man For The Job. 5 pages by writer Buster Willoughby and artist Mauro Lirussi     

Only £4.00 from the link on the right.