FQP Archive: FutureQuake 04-06

NEW! FutureQuake Archive 04-06

See where it all started! Over 140 pages of small press shocker featuring the talents of:
Al Ewing, Alan Donald, Arthur Ranson, Arthur Wyatt, Barny Shergold, Bolt-01, Bryan Coyle, Charlie Adlard, Colin Dinnie, Cullen Bunn, Daniel Whiston, David Knight, Derek Hamill, Dunk! Nimmo, Ed Berridge, Ed Traquino, Eddie Robson, Gary Wilkinson, Geoffrey Shane, Gibson Quarter, Greame Cluskey, Inaki Miranda, James Kircough, James Mackay, Johnny McMonagle, Josh Idehen, Julia Bax, Keith Burns, Kieran Murphy, Lonny Chant, Mark Woodland, Martin Gooch, Martin Timmins, Matthew Banwell, Matt Timson,  Mick Trimble, Micheal Carroll, Mike Molcher, Paul Crilley, Paul Glasswell, Paul Scott, Paul Williams, Peter Anckorn, Richmond Clements, Robert Timmins, Simeon Aston, Simon Penter, Steve Roberts, Stewart McKenny, Vicky Stonebridge, Yul Tolbert
Unavailable for many years, see early works by some of the rising stars of today’s comics!

All for only £2.00, available as a digital download via Comicsy!

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