In Review: SAVANT

SAVANT is the new title from Planet Jimbot, and writer Jim Alexander was good enough to send me a copy over for review.

Written by Jim Alexander, with art by Will Pickering and Fin Cramb and letters by the inimitable Jim Campbell, SAVANT is a the opening chapter in a 6 part story set in a very interesting world. Lode is a wandering empath, trawling the planet Hubris in search of experiences to sample before returning to her home. Think walkabout and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

 Lobe is contacted with a view to helping apprehend Trigo, a rather well connected war criminal by the local government. The rest of the issue chronicles the beginnings of her journey.

 The story has a lovely ‘solid’ feel to it. Even the parts that don’t quite gel on first read have a very well realised air to them. This is in no small way aided by the art by Will Pickering. Will drew two strips for FQP (Star Polishers in FQ17 and Social Engagement eXperiment in FQ18) and the art here is even stronger. He has a very European feel to his storytelling, which is further enhanced by Fin Crambs luscious colour work. The whole package is finished by Jim Campbell and I’m sure very few reading this will need reminding how good he is at his job.

For more information, and to get your own copy, please contact


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