Dogbreath- A Call to Arms!

Exciting news, readers!

The Galactic Crime Commission is an organisation committed to bringing justice to the furthest fringes of the known galaxy. With a highly trained and motivated workforce, the GCC is the premier agency for frontier justice in this most competitive of markets. Known informally as Strontium Dogs, GCC agents are almost exclusively made up of mutant humans from the planet Earth. This hardy breed are uniquely suited to this high stakes and challenging career. You can keep up with the latest from the GCC in the pages of Dogbreath.

Dogbreath was first published back in the late 20th Century by original editor Dr Bob. Dr Bob single handedly produced 14 issues of Dogbreath before deciding in 2007 or thereabouts to stand down. Since then Dogbreath has been published by Bolt-01 and my good compadre Richmond Clements (Though a simulated version of Dr Bob was good enough to stay on to introduce each issue)

The first issue of Dogbreath from FQP was issue 15 and we determined to bring you the best fanzine possible. We have just launched issue 27 and  our contributors read like a list of the finest creators you will ‘ever’ see including: Boo Cook, Nigel Dobbyn, Monty Nero, Graeme Neil Reid, Jim Campbell, Simon Coleby, Steve Roberts and those are just the one’s  I think of as I’m typing.

Why am I telling you this? Simple really- we need scripts. Stories, strips, features we need them all. Dogbreath is THE longest running fanzine for 2000 AD. Zarjaz doesn’t come close and the rest don’t even get a mention.

The situation at the moment is that unless we get more content Dogbreath 28 will be the last one. How’s that for exciting?

Email if you want to communicate confidentially.

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