Zarjaz Postcards: Series 01

New from FQP and only available in a limited quantity; the first set of high quality art cards from ZARJAZ!

Featuring Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Slaine, Robo-Hunter and the A.B.C. Warriors these are presentations of classic covers from Zarjaz history and only 100 of each have been made.

Each card costs £1.00 plus 70p postage and is available from the FQP Webshop

From Zarjaz 12: Judge Dredd by Alex Ronald
From Zarjaz 17: Robo-Hunter by Nigel Dobbyn
From Zarjaz 11: A.B.C. Warriors by Clint Langley
From Zarjaz 08: Rogue Trooper by PJ Holden & Steve Denton
From Zarjaz 07: Slaine by Dave Kendall
Also available as a pack of five cards for £4.00 plus 70p postage
These cards will not last forever and will not be reprinted.

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