Flesh- Extinction III

One of the strips we have been proudest of in Zarjaz is the mini series FLESH- EXTINCTION by M.J. Howard and Chris Geary.

The strip first appeared in Zarjaz 10, and was moderately successful, considering that all it really shares with the classic FLESH is the name. The setting, characters and situations are all specific to this strip.

The second chapter followed in Zarjaz 14, where the larger picture was revealed and our heroes faced some hard decisions.

 Finally, in Zarjaz 17 we are proud to present the finale to Flesh Extinction and in true Zarjaz style we have let Chris have a colour centrespread to adequately display the true scope of the events unfolding.

Zarjaz 10, 14 and 17 are all available and the FLESH- EXTINCTION saga weighs in at a whopping 72 pages. Not bad.

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