1st Look- SKIN DEEP!

Something Wicked is proud to welcome back Johnny McMonagle to it’s pages this issue with a strip written by Andi Ewington. SKIN DEEP is the story of one mans quest for individuality and the price that comes with it. This strip also features colours by Owen Watts as it spills onto the back cover for a finale you will not want spoiled!

FQP Family Special

Previously only available at conventions, we are proud to announce the first digital download from FQP The FQP Famil special is a 48 page collection of strips from the first issues of FutureQuake and MangaQuake. Creators like Michael Carroll, Dan Whiston, Richmond Clements, Paul Scott, Arthur Wyatt, Gary Wilkinson, Michiru Morikawa, Owen Watts and Dunk! Nimmo are to be found in these pages.

The comic is available here at the main COMICSY site, or via the direct link to the FQP Shop. 

If successful we will begin adding more issues, so please let us know what you think.

1st look- The Ship

The cover strip for a FQP title is always one that we feel brings something special to the title. This issue was very difficult to choose from, as we have at least 4 strips in the issue that could rightly command the cover, but in the end it went to The Ship, By Husband and wife team of Conor and Lizzie Boyle. In Something Wicked 08, on sale very soon indeed, you will be able to see why we feel this is the one.