Zarjaz 16- On Sale NOW!

Available now- Zarjaz 16
Behind the cover by Jon Haward and Nigel Dobbyn we present more thrills lifted from the thought processes of the Mighty One Himself.
This issue we present:
Anderson- I Death. 6 pages by writer Lee Robson, artist Dunk Nimmo and letterer Bolt-01
BAD COMPANY- Krool Intentions. 4 pages by writer Mark Pexton, artist and letterer James Newell
Flesh-FutureShock. 4 pages by writer Andrew Cheverton, artist David Frankum and letterer Andrew Cheverton
JD- Sleepers Awake. 10 pages by writer Tom Proudfoot, artist David Broughton and letterer Bolt-01
Sinister Dexter- Dr Maybes Museum. 3 pages by writer ony McVeigh, artist Chris Askham and letterer Bolt-01
Slaine-Night Moves. 6 pages by writer Richmond clements, artist Jon Haward and letterer Bolt-01
Tales of the GI- In The Zone 3. 5 pages by writer Mike Carroll, artist and letterer Bolt-01
The Hills Of Hellfire, My Dear. 8 pages by writer, artist and letterer Mick Cassidy
Whatever Happened to… Sancho Panzer? 6 pages by writer The Emperor, artist David Broughton and letterer Bolt-01

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