Got a bit of time to prime you folk out there for this. You’ve all read DARK JUDGEMENT, right? Well at Bristol 2011 I was asked by artist ROLAND BIRD if he could have a Judge Death story to draw? Well, says I, I’ll have a word with a chap I know who might just be able to help you out.

Enter Rich McAuliffe, who runs the Everything comes Back to 2000 AD blog and podcasts and stuff. That very evening, over my first and his not first beer of the night, I asked him about a script for roland. No worries, Say Rich, I’ll get right on it.

Three months later I sent him an email to remind him of this conversation.

However, when he did deliver- he delivered. This strip is so good that we are going to be developing a whole new special to contain it. Custom, bespoke thril containment and delivery vessels are being designed to house this strip, and the others that will make up the as yet untitled special.

When can you get it? Not till it’s ready, which won’t be for a while yet, as we keep breaking the thrill buffers of all exposed. However, one day…

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