FutureQuake 21- AVAILABLE NOW

Available now- FutureQuake 21!
Behind the cover by Gibson Quarter and Keiren Smith we have 8 strips to astound you.
This issue we present:
Aclonement, 2 pages by writer Dominic Teague, artist Charlie Parsons and letterer Bolt-01.
Before tomorrow comes, 5 pages by writer Joshua Spiller, artist John Cahill and letterer Bolt-01.
Call of Nature, 5 pages by writer Lee Robson, artist Jason Smith and letterer Bolt-01.
Cat’s Eyes, 5 pages by writer Dan Fox, artist Ben Michael Byrne and letterer Bolt-01.
Enemies closer, 5 pages by writer Pete Hobson, artist Max Dunbar and letterer Bolt-01.
Godshocks, 5 pages by writer Gary Robinson, artist Dave Thomson and letterer Bolt-01.
London 2012- The Worlds are watching, 5 pages by writer Ricky-Marcel Pitcher, artist Gibson Quarter and letterer Bolt-01.
Monster’s Brawl, 5 pages by writer Craig Collins, artist Sam Weller and letterer Bolt-01.
The Price, 5 pages by writer Derek Hamill, artist Dan Cornwell and letterer Bolt-01.

Available from the link on the right


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