Sold out! MangaQuake all gone…

Way back in the mists of time, there was an idea. Why not see if we could generate enough ‘manga’ style strip to put a comic out. We could, so we did, and MangaQuake forst appeared at the Brighton comic expo in 2005.

“Woo!”, thought the team at FQP, we’ve got another comic out, lets get a second issue done… Well we had a bit of a mishap with the cover but we managed to put that behind us and get a solid comic out.

We completed 7 issues of MangaQuake in the end before we realised that it just wasn’t working anymore. The issues were getting increasingly difficult to compile, and we never managed to get the audience right for the title; so it was with regret, we let it go.

Why am I wittering on now? Well I’ve just sold the last set of issues 04-07 that we had. Which means that all that remains are a few copies of 04 that were left over from an artist asking for 50 copies to be shipped over to the US for him to sell on- only to discover that he could not afford it, after promising me that payment was made. Lesson learned there. We also have the last few copies of issue 07, which features an astounding adaption of an Oscar Wilde story. If you ever drop by the FQP table at a con, ask me for a copy of MQ- You can have one gratis. I’d rather give them away than let the comics languish in my front room any longer than I have to.

Thanks to everyone who read MangaQuake, and by extension everyone who has supported FQP over the seven years we’ve been putting comics out. It really means a lot to us all to know you are there.

One thought on “Sold out! MangaQuake all gone…

  1. Ultimately, I think you only mis-stepped by branding into the manga market, which turned rather incestuous before imploding and taking all your potential readers with it, but an anthology book pushing new visual and storytelling stylists will never not be a good idea, and MQ was occasionally blessed in that regard.

    Except for that guy McCloud – that dude was just awful.

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