Strip: Long Overdue.

Every now and then here at FQP we’ll get a script from a writer that we like, but we know that it isn’t quite ‘there’ for want of a better word. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what needs to be done to the script to really get it right. This is one of those scripts. When John sent it in I thought seriously about rejecting it, but then I had an idea- what if, instead of rejecting it we instead passed it over for a training strip that once completed was placed on the blog for all tosee and comment on?

John was happy for this to go ahead, and so began the next stage; the artist. I’ll not mention any names of artists attached to the strip, save for one- Owen Watts. Folk who’ve been around for long enough will know that Owen has contributed a few times to FQ- once he reworked an existing strip that had already run in FQ, the second time he produced a set of pages for the first FQ Family special, which were themselves reprinted in FQ proper.

Owen has turned in a cracking pair of pages for the strip, and so I present to you:

Long Overdue.

As always, click on the images for full size versions, and if you have any comments- constructive ones most especially- feel free to post them.

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