FutureQuake 19- Contents

Now available! FutureQuake 19- 52 pages of top quality comics for a mere £3.50 plus post.
Strips this issue:
A Bigger World Than Yours by Alex Wilson and  Ben Michael Byrne (also featured on the cover)
Parts Such As These by Ruaan Stuart and Crow
Neroy Sphinx by Dan Whiston and new artist Dave Thomson 

Scientific Progress goes by Alexi Conman Andrew and Chiu

Utopious by Pardeep Singh and John Cahill

Little Things by Alexi Conman and Mike Bunt 

Yesterday Today by Matt Gibbs and James Reekie

Pak512 by Rob Burton and Rachael Stott 

Jay by Terry Stock and Jim Lavery.
Click the cover on the right to go visit the FQP shop and pick up this issue, along with all the other available issues. This issue will also be available to buy from the Thought Bubble festival on the weekend of 19th -20th November.

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