Flippi-Neck! I’ve been back a week and I’ve barely had time to breathe- let alone catch up on the weekend that was Bristol 2011.

Huge thanks go to my travelling companion- artist Dunk! Nimmo, for helping the trip there and back again pass by in less time than I’d have believed possible.

Saturday was a treat and it was great to both catch up with folk and finally meet some folk I’ve known for years!

Pic shamelessly nicked from the 2000AD board, pictured at the FQP table are Matt McLaughlin, The Emperor, Owen Watts, Simon, Richmond and Bolt-01.
I’ve not picked up much this weekend- regretfully, but of the titles I did, I can heartily recommend Dr WTF? and, of course- the new issue of West!
Next up is the single day gig in Brum during August- but before that there is the little matter of FutureQuake 18 hitting contributors deadline on the 31st May. 

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