FutureQuake at the Eagles: 2011

We here at FQP are once again, incredibly proud to be in the finals for the EAGLE AWARDS for ‘Best British Black & White comic’. Voting is currently open HERE! and you can vote till April 11th 2011.

This is the fourth time in five years that FutureQuake has been shortlisted for the finals and including ZARJAZ and DOGBREATH this means that we have three of the five titles eligible this year.

The awards are to be announced at London’s MCM Expo on Friday May 27th 2011. Good luck to all nominated.

Now Available! FutureQuake 17

Now available for pre- order, FutureQuake 17 brings you 10 more tales to thrill and surprise. From the opening story ‘Regrets, Rules and Jellied Eels’ through to the closing tale ‘Rugged Romper’ FutureQuake 17 continues with the standard you have come to expect from FQP.

  • A Free Ride (writer) John Howson, (art) Jack Davies, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Bad Medicine (writer) Derek Hamill, (art) Bruno Stahl, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Balinski’s Final Flight (writer) Phil Madden, (art) BMB, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Ex Libris (writer) Eoghan Ahern, (art & letters) David Frankum
  • Planet 1830 (writer) John A Short, (art & letters) Alex Paterson
  • Regret, Rules and Jellied Eels (writer) Neil Merrett, (art) Richard Smith, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Robo-Sapiens (writer) Mark Smith, (art) Steven Howard, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Rugged Romper (writer) Michael DeShane, (art) BMB, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Star Polishers (writer) Mark J Howard, (art & letters) Will Pickering
  • The Secret Origin of Suspension X (writer) Shaun Avery, (art) Jim Lavery, (letters) Bolt-01

Follow the link in the image on the right to the FQP shop to order your copy!


It is almost ready! After what seems like an eternity, the ABC WARRIORS issue of ZARJAZ is almost ready! Latest strip to be completed is BLACKBLOOD, by Eric Moore and Dunk! Nimmo. Stay tuned for more news in the next few days.


Every once in a while- we here at FQP will read a sript and realise that we’ve got something different. Something we’ve not seen before. REGRETS, RULES AND JELLIED EELS is one of those stories. Written by Neil Merrett and with astoundingly beautiful art by Richard Smith, this is the lead strip for FutureQuake 17 when it goes on sale later this month, and as such is the focus of the cover.


Here at FQP, we understand that sometimes life will put obstacles in your way, that the road through life is rocky and hard and will leave you feeling run-down. That’s why we’ve got BMB back to illustrate Phil Madden’s story- BALINSKI’S FINAL FIGHT! In just five pages- BMB’s delightful imagery will help you to relax and feel more comfortable in this busy, life we lead. For more information, check out FutureQuake 17, on sale soon.