NEW COMICS! Dogbreath 23& Zarjaz 10 AVAILABLE NOW!

What have we here? Why it is the latest editions of both Dogbreath and Zarjaz, the finest Fanzines in the Galaxy.

Both these titles are now available from The FQP Webshop or via the covers on the right hand side.

Dogbreath 23 is a whopping 56 page edition, featuring a stunning Sun & Moon Cover by James Feist and featuring 8 outstanding strips. This issue sees special guest Nigel Dobbyn starting an adventure for the Gronk, and Death to the Future sees a special guest from the pages of Zarjaz- Judge Dredd himself. All for a paltry £3.00.

Zarjaz 10 sees the longest strip we have ever presented, in the biggest issue we’ve ever published! 56 pages of thrill-powered action. See what happened after the past was strip-mined for food in FLESH-extinction and Johnny Alpha makes a trip to the big-meg in Death to the Future. All this for a mere £3.00- we’re practically giving it to you!

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