The End for MangaQuake

MangaQuake is no more. The last issue released was 07, back in Early 2008 ready for the first Hi-Ex up in Inverness. Since then, despite the best efforts of all here at FQP, we haven’t been able to get an issue together.
The strips that are completed will be running here on the FQP Blog for the next few weeks, and they are fantastic stories that I would have been proud to print.
There are still issues of MQ available in the shop, and that is not going to change. In the launch of the new titles I will be changing the issues available over to a low-price bargain pack to hopefully allow those of you out there who haven’t tried MQ to see some of what you missed.
I want to take the opportunity now to thank all those who took the time to work on strips for us for MangaQuake- the title will be missed.

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