On sale in time for the BICS gig over the weekend of 15-16-17 October, this issues cover was provided by the stupendously talented Boo Cook! I asked Boo about this back in May at the Bristol expo, and despite being horrendously busy he said yes.

Fast forward to the start of September, and I sent Boo the script for Pawnshop Heart to read, as I had decided that it would be the lead strip for the issue. Boo sent me the pencil roughs for the pencil images below on the left and centre.

Then I got the pages through from strip artist George Coleman. Just in time for Boo to ask if he could have a squizz at them. In what to me was an astonishingly short time, Boo sent me the pencils on the above right, which he was realy excited about getting to grips with..
And here is the resulting final pencils; which Boo worked up seemingly overnight into the final image at the top of the post.
I’m incredibly proud of this cover, and think that it is a fantastic showcase for one of our finest homegrown talents- Thanks Boo!

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