Dogbreath 22 & Zarjaz 09- Launching very soon.

The printer has confirmed that both titles are going to be ready in time for Hi-Ex, and I’ve sent the webshop update to the FQP Webmeister, so keep your eyes on the blog for the launching of the new issues in the very near future.

ALL Pre-orders for the titles will be pulled before going to Hi-Ex.


5 thoughts on “Dogbreath 22 & Zarjaz 09- Launching very soon.

  1. See now here is a dilemma – I want to pre-order but last time you sold out at Brum and could easily do the same again. Would it be better for you (as I'm a guaranteed sale) if you waited until after Hi-Ex to send it in case you sell out and could have shifted a few more copies on the day?

    I can always wait for the second printing if it would help the cause, as it were. I'll get my Thrills somehow – perhaps go one better than those show-offs with their bee underpants and go for some wasp long johns. Don't worry about me 😉

    Conor – it is by Neil Roberts (he of the prog and Meg covers). It is full painted I believe, although I thought there was a post on it here but…

    Alex – if you email Bolt he can sort everything out for you. I assume the email is around here… somewhere (if not let me know and I'll send it to you).

  2. Conor- The Dogbreath cover was by Neil Roberts.

    Alex- I'm just waiting on the shop to be updated for the new comics- then you'll be able to order direct. However- if you want to, mail me and I'll sort them out as a pair for you. Might save you a touch on the postal costs.

    Emps- It is all the same to me, I've gotten some extra printed for the initial run this time to prevent selling out so quickly this time.

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