GLUBBLEBLUGG is one of those rare strips- one that arrives fully formed as a gift ready for us to use. The last of these that we received was KING of the CATS in SW05, so it is fitting that this one will run in SW06, in October 2010.

Written by Matthrew McLaughlin (More of him in the future- over on The Quaequam Blog and with art by Conor Boyle GLUBBLEBLUGG is a four page strip. Thanks chaps!


2 thoughts on “This Just In: GLUBBLEBLUGG

  1. Kerrin – it is in Back From the Depths, which is well worth checking out (it has work by Matt Soffe and others in it too, and it is a free download!!). Matthew McLaughlin has posted the first page as a preview and download links over on his blog. I kinda thought you'd read it already though so perhaps I'm preaching to the converted ;).

    Anyway Conor's got a very crisp line and I am looking forward to seeing this in print as I think it'll look very nice on the page.

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