Friday 18th December.

Bit of an epic today, as I’ve not really been keeping up!

First thing to bring your awareness to is the rather splendid TURNING TIGER, issue 1 of which is available to download HERE. For only 63p, you can’t argue with that can you?

TT is a corking little title, written by FQP editor and Insomnia comics writer, Richmond Clements! Artwork by Alex Moore and lettering guru Jim Campbell does the honours textually.

I’d like to be able to bang on here about the structure of the comic, and how the storytelling really compliments the script- but to be honest, I’m rubbish at that. All I’ll say is that I have printed this off for my kids and they happily read it all.

Also this week FQP got mentioned in the Insomnia comics BLOG, where Richmond and frequent FQP contributor Lee Robson were name checked, and then Johnny (Neroy Sphinx) McMonagle posted up DARK RIDER, PALE HORSE from the pages of Something wicked.

For the new issues, we are definately looking at releasing the new issues at next Years Hi-Ex Convention, and I’ve just received a very nice set of pencils for a strip that will feature in the next issue of Something Wicked.


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