Due to the current problems with the main FQP website, I am unable to open the shop for the titles. However- If folk want to pre-order their copies of any of the titles, please email the comics and I’ll arrange delivery and determine costs.

NOW ON SALE FUTUREQUAKE 14 brings you 48 pages of the finest in the Small press. For a mere £3.50 you can discover one of the many worlds where Man Vs Machine is an everyday reality, see the dawn of time through the eyes of one who was there and witness the ultimate in home shopping!
A fistful of Shekels 5 Ady Hall BMB
Armstrong 5 Chris Steifvater Thomas Steve Denton
Drifting 4 Mark J Craig Paul Carter
Loneliness 5 Alec Robertson George Coleman
Love & War 5 Dave Hailwood David Thomson
The Chemical Marriage 5 Phil Rigby Andy Scordellis
The Stacks of Callimachus 5 Peter Kempton Chris Geary
The Vault 5 Dave Roberts Peter Anckorn
Who fears the reaper 7 Mark Smith Tony Suleri

NOW ON SALE Something Wicked 05 brings you 48 pages of tales designed to assault the senses. For a mere £3.50 see the outcome of a science experiment years in the making, tremble at the truth behind a beautiful smile and quake upon hearing those three little words.

Bad Static 5 Martin Hayes John Cahill
Confession 5 Robert Spalding Bruce McLaren
If looks could kill 4 Kevin McHugh Neil Roberts
Inseminhate 1 Dan the Emperor Paul Williams/ Steven Denton
Key to the Kingdom 5 Lee Robson Caroline Parkinson
King of the Cats 4 Andy Warner Andy Warner
Knock Knock 7 John Owens John Cahill
Tenure 5 Luke Borley Calum Carr
The scientist 5 William Tennant Vicky Stonebridge
Underworld 5 Mike Moreci Keith Burns


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