STARK REALITY is a self published anthology strip collection by australian contributor BMB. This is the first of three volumes currently available, and I’ve got vol 2 in the pile to read in the next few months.

BMB openly states in his bio that he is a fan of 2000 ad, and it shows. The strip here all share a universe, and it isn’t a very nice one. There is a lot here for a 2000 ad fan to enjoy, but more than that there is a sense of something starting. BMB’s artwork is patchy in this volume, and if you compare it to ‘CAVEY’ that he drew for Zarjaz 07, or to the strip he has in the next FQ ‘A FISTFUL OF SHEKELS’ then you will see how far this lad has come. The scripts are solid, and entertaining as you would want for a first collection.

I’m looking forward to reading vol 2 when it reaches the top of the pile, and I’ll be ordering Vol 3 as well when time and finances let me.

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