NOW ON SALE in the FQP Webshop DOGBREATH 20 allows you norms the chance to read the latest dispatches from the mutant underground. DOGBREATH 20 brings you 48 pages of top quality entertainment that you are not fit to read! See Whistler make his attack run against the new Church, witness Kid Knee and Headly Foot in action together. Marvel at the astounding knowledge on show in the Search/Destroy case files and wonder why no-one has bought Butch a spell checker yet. Only £3.00

Xtras 4 Pages Lee Robson Lonny Chant
Whistler 8 Pages Bolt-01 Bolt-01
SD- Ridgeback Ray 3 Pages Richmond Clements Bolt-01
Sun & Moon 03: Sick 6 Pages The Emperor James Feist
SD- Case File 17-19 4 Pages Leigh Shepherd
Berserker 04 7 Pages Richmond Clements Steve Hills
Today’s special: Kreeler Conspiracy 2 Pages Richmond Clements
Starscan- Johnny Alpha 2 Pages Mark Pexton
Shadow of the Mutant: 3 8 Pages Alec Robertson Bruce McLaren

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