Shadow of the Mutant.

Starting in Dogbreath 18, is a new mini-serial written by Alec Robertson with art by Bruce McLaren. Shadow of the Mutant is set in the highlands of Future Scotland and tells a tale of friendship, betrayal and prejudice in the way that only Dogbreath can.

2 thoughts on “Shadow of the Mutant.

  1. Just noticed this comment!
    Not at all- it might not be clear from this picture, but she has no nose, we even tried to show that by doing some profiles in a deliberate attempt to make her conventionally 'ugly'. This is the essence of the character- a totally useless mutation that does nothing but make her rather obviously ugly in the eyes of 'norms'- as opposed to Durham Red, who myself and Alec dislike for the same reason you took a dislike to Laura. We preferred this to simply making her 'beefy' and 'nasty' just so you can hate her more easily, like Big Cynthia.
    Even Harry and Lowcentre Jackson are slightly more conventional looking- Harry is normal apart from his hair and Lowcentre is within the bounds of normal humans as they appear in real life- ie, he has dwarfism.

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